A mature woman working at home in the garden on her laptop.We’ve created this site for several reasons

To aid you through the process we’re going to review a few things here and then send you on your cyber way.  PLEASE,  read the other parts of the site before you hit the registration tab because once you do, and you are confirmed, there are no refunds for cancellations. (Registration does not become available until mid July 2017) And, while you can upgrade your registration, you can not downgrade and get a partial refund. You can, however, transfer your registration to somebody else if you find that you cannot attend. You may also donate your payment to The Montessori Foundation (a 501(c)(3) charity and deduct it on your taxes.

About the Websiteresponsive computer graphic

There are many features to this website. First of all it’s “responsive,” which means that it will adjust and adapt for viewing on your computer, tablet, and smart phones. It won’t look exactly the same because it has to ‘respond’ to the smaller size and it needs to accommodate.

It also has scrolling features. If you see an arrow to the right and/or left, up or down, that means there’s more to be seen. Investigate and see what’s hidden. If a description ends mid sentence and says “read more,” click on the picture and you will be taken to the full text. There’s a lot to explore on the website, and we hope you’ll enjoy digging deeper. Don’t be intimidated.  You can scroll down, returning “Home” at any time, but you’ll see things by scrolling that are different than what you’ll see by just heading straight for the headers.

Keep in Touch by Signing Up / Do Monkey Aroundmail chimp
At the top of the front page, you’ll see a narrow dark blue strip giving you the opportunity to sign up for our mailing list, which is NEVER sold! You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Once you begin to follow us, you’ll get updates from our Conference Manager, Margot Garfield-Anderson, before the conference and AT THE CONFERENCE! And, even after the Conference! We use a service called Mail Chimp (hence the graphic). Seriously, what a great name for a company!

Website Headers

At the top of the website you will see 8 major headings and some have sub tabs or pull-down menus. Start with, “What Makes Us Different” and then the sub tabs.  You will probably find the answer to many of your questions just this way.


Once you have read through the site, chosen your workshops, and committed to attending, you will begin the actual registration process under the Registration tab (similar to checking out with a shopping cart on other sites). At this point, you’ll be in our companion software program called XYZ. In addition to registering using a credit card, you will also have the option to submit a Purchase Order to obtain an invoice, along with information if you choose to pay by check. You are welcome to take a look at the many different “packages” from which to choose. Just remember that registration doesn’t become available until July 1, 2016. You’ll see “N/A” after all options until then.

The first option you will see will be for the Full Conference with the Early Bird Discount AND the IMC Discount. This is first because it is absolutely THE best deal. Once you are in the Registration area, scroll way, way down to the bottom of the page and you will see other options. We’ve priced this event to meet the needs of those coming for just one day or the entire event.

Once you have registered and paid, you will receive a confirmation email and registration number. You will be immediately directed to a Registration Form and asked to provide us with important information about yourself and select your workshops. Know what workshops you want before you start this process. You will have an hour to complete the process, but the time is ticking. You can always print out our interactive “2015 Montessori Foundation Workshop Choices ” to make it easier. Download this form to your computer and use it to help plan before you make your final selections at the time of registration.gremlin If a workshop title, time, or presenter changes, we will immediately post the change and update this form, so be sure to use the most up-to-date information before you begin the registration process.

For our entire workshop at a glance, CLICK HERE

Note: If you choose to download the form, at the very bottom of the page, you’ll see a “button” that says “Pick one of the following workshops.” Apparently, we have a computer gremlin who wants to get in on the conference fun. He’s harmless but annoying, and we’re doing our best to evict him. In the meantime, just ignore him!

HOME. This is the tab to your success. Each time you want to go to a different tab just remember to go HOME first, let it refresh and then go to your next tab.

Each time you visit the site you may see a different selection of workshops or events displayed under SCHEDULE. Yes, it’s a random thing but just click on the View Full Conference Schedule and browse through the entire weekend. Same thing for the SPEAKERS. When something turns orange, that means it’s ‘live’ and ready to be clicked.

SEARCHES. There are a few Search windows on the site. Everything is searchable, so if you want to see all the times the Exhibits are open,  put in the search criteria <Exhibits>.

Speaking of searches. You’ll notice an orange icon on the black banners with the respective dates of the conference that looks like a martini glass or funnel depending on what time of the day you are reading! Well, it’s actually a filter, and it’s a pretty neat tool. You can filter your searches by <Track>, <Location>, <Day>. The Location will be added closer to the conference start when the hotel assigns us those rooms. Pretty neat, right?

One last tip for this website and browsing online in general. Sometimes we overload our computers with requests to go here, no there, no go someplace else. If your computer starts acting ‘wonky’ (a technical term), go up to your browser’s bar, select ‘History,’ and then ‘Clear History.’ Your computer will thank you!

Please contact if you spot any problems with the site. This is all still fairly new  for us, and we want to help everyone as best we can. See you in November.