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Environmental Educational Materials

Nurturing and inspiring creative young minds for the next generation of Naturalists!
Naturalist in a Box
Naturalist in a Box includes hands-on materials that help students learn about nature, habitats, ecosystems, and animals. Naturalist in a Box comes with highly realistic finger puppets /figures representing all types of animals, as well as a lunch box with general information about the animal. Inside the lunch box are objects and actual items that the animal will eat. Each box comes with a highly detailed coloring page, instructions on how to use the materials and suggestions of other materials that can be used to enhance the experience. Naturalist in a Box kits can contain small objects. They are not for young children who are still putting things in their mouth. Please exercise due caution and supervision.
Hand-Crafted Native American Indian Games
Bluestem Environmental Education brings you authentic, handmade replica games bringing living history to life through Native American / American Indian games. No two games are alike and are hand crafted based on historical research teaching about Native American/American Indian lifeways. These games are suitable for use in living history events, as a complement to an American Indian unit of study. Because of their historic nature and simple utilitarian beauty, these games could be used as decoration for your home, office, or school. All games are to be used with direct adult supervision and due caution. Featured games are; lacrosse, double ball, spear hunting, and feather darts. One set of four games can engage 10 children at a time. Many schools purchase two sets to engage 20 children at a time.
Initial Sound Boards
The Initial Sound Board is a board with laminated picture and affixed sandpaper letter, the corresponding object, and a letter that matches.
Initial Sound Board - A

Initial Sound Board – A

Nurturing and inspiring creative young minds for the next generation of Naturalists! At Bluestem Environmental Education, we are dedicated to the quality, progressive education of children and are particularly supportive of Montessori education. We believe that children are the next stewards of the earth and need to have quality environmental education materials that will spur their sense of wonder. Naturalist in a Box has 18 different animals represented by the animal, its lunchbox (everything the animal may eat is represented in the lunch box with objects or real specimens from nature), information about the animal, a coloring page and lesson plan.

The best way to learn about history and Native American cultures is with hands-on experiences. We also have a line of authentic hand-crafted Native American Indian Games that incorporate movement and physical activity while learning about our Native American cultures. We offer Lacrosse, Double Ball, the Spear Hunting Game, and Feather Darts

Young children can experience  initial sounds of the alphabet in a meaningful way with our Initial Sound Boards. Using executive function and logical-thinking skills, young children use their senses exploring the initial sounds of the alphabet using high-quality animals and objects by association of object, sound, and symbol.

Help children explore our natural world with living history and environmental education materials from Bluestem Environmental Education. Our exciting, hands-on Montessori materials are perfect for getting students of all ages interested in science and history.

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