Educational Resource Company

Dedicated to Innovative Learning Approaches

Formerly the Early Education Company
Helen DeVere
Executive Director
Ann Burke Neubert

The clear containers in this catalog were designed by Ann Burke Neubert for the Early Education Company, which began in 1982.  They have been used in classrooms all over the world to display Montessori and teacher-made materials.  They were designed to offer an alternative way to present the materials, with teachers often using them for variations or to arouse new interest.  They were not meant to replace the wooden boxes, which hold their own appeal in the environment.   

Some of Ann’s later designs, before her untimely death in 1990, offered new and innovative ways to display the math and language materials.  

After a period of inactivity in the original company, The Educational Resource Company, in Celebration, Florida, is now offering the clear containers and will soon have Ann’s books available, as well.  We look forward to finding old friends and making new ones.   

Many of the containers can be used to display teacher-made materials and various items produced by other companies.  We give the dimensions of the containers to help you find ones that will be useful to you.