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Materials & Full Classroom Solutions for New & Existing Environments
Early Childhood (Level 3-6)
Elementary I (Level 6-9)
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Elementary II (level 9 - 12)
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Elementary I & II
includes 12 months of free update assurance

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The mission of ETC® is to provide a unique synergy of services that benefit the Montessori and Applied Learning educational community as well as the general public. The educational community includes professionals, educators, scholars, students, post-service educators, paraprofessionals, teacher’s aides, and pre-service teachers.

Through ETC® Consulting, we can provide Montessori resources that allow schools to better implement practices and further enhance their curriculum. In addition, ETC® Montessori provides professional educators with Montessori curriculum and select materials that will enhance their existing program.

Founded in 2003 with the goal of improving educational practices through the implementation of Montessori pedagogical concepts and inquiry-based learning, ETC® Montessori’s emphasis is the development and publishing of Montessori curriculum. Our goal is to ensure that we produce curriculum that blends the traditional Montessori ideas and concepts with new breakthrough techniques in printing and production.

Today ETC® Montessori is the largest publisher of Montessori curriculum serving teachers and students from early childhood through middle school. Our team of award winning designers, seasoned Montessori educators/consultants, and writers work closely together to ensure that every product that we produce is not only accurate and pedagogically appropriate but also beautiful and esthetically pleasing to the child.