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MAM graphicMAM’s founder, Barbie Alderman, came up with this idea after attending numerous Montessori events as a Montessori parent and finding nothing to bring home to show off her Montessori pride. She was looking for gift items and souvenirs and there was nothing to be found. So she brainstormed with some fellow Montessorians about what they would be looking for if a “Montessori Fan Shop” existed… and MAM was born!

The story of MAM’s beginnings is even more interesting because many of those who assisted in getting MAM off the ground are related to Montessori:  a former Montessori student was our banker; a parent of Montessori students is our designer; our first web-master is a Montessori dad; our bookkeeper is Montessori trained; and the gals that work in our booth at conferences are either Montessori parents or former Montessori students. Many of the artists we collaborate with are connected to Montessori, too. You don’t realize how far-reaching the Montessori universe is!

It has been a tremendous ride taking MAM from an idea to a company that has become known for high-quality creative items that help spread the Montessori message. What is even more exciting is the reception MAM has received from you from the very beginning.

So here we are today with a beautiful array of items from comfortable t-shirts, to pencils, note cards, drinkware, and so much more.

Our full collections are displayed when we are in our booth and we carry a few, very special lines on our website: