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Tomorrow's Child Magazine
We've published Tomorrow's Child since 1992 because we know the value of having a beautifully illustrated periodical publication to help communicate the benefits of the Montessori Method to families that have children in Montessori schools, community leaders, and educators, with particular emphasis on Montessori parents. We offer individual subscriptions in both print and digital formats. We also have a special discount just for Montessori schools!
Our Montessori Pamphlet Series
We have nine pamphlets that are affordable, easy-to-read materials that explain and promote Montessori for parents. Three of our most popular pamphlets are also available in Spanish.
How to Raise an Amazing Child by Tim Seldin
The best baby shower gift a new parent can receive. Written from the heart about the successes and failures of a Montessori parent along with many great activities and life lessons to start the new baby off on the right path.
An Observer's Notebook by Paul Epstein, Ph.D.
Powerful, funny, relavent & must have for anyone working with children.

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