34. Overcoming Adversity the Montessori Way: Grieving, Healing and Re-building as a Community

November 3, 2017 4:30 pm - 6:30 pm

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Nancy McNabb

In 2014 our school’s barn was catastrophically destroyed in a fire taking with it the 14 animals the children had raised, cared for and loved. As a community we grieved and healed, rallied and fund-raised, designed and rebuilt, and soon celebrated together. We learned how to include the community in the designing and rebuilding phase, and to raise an exceptionally large amount of money in a few short months. We will share stories and strategies to help children grieve and recover from any loss. This may be helpful to others in supporting families going through the loss of a pet or loved one, adjusting to divorce and new homes, or experiencing a change in their life when they need extra support and compassion. The experience was so meaningful to us who lived and worked through it together, that we wrote and published a book illustrated by the children to memorialize the loo and triumphant victory as a community.