Workshop Selection

Use this Workshop Planning Form to make your registration process easier.

This is NOT a registration form. This is just a tool to help you plan which workshops you want to attend. You can use it or not … it’s totally up to you.

After you have clicked the link below, you will be taken to a form created in Wufoo™ … you will be in a different window. DOWNLOAD THIS FORM TO YOUR COMPUTER. Once you’ve opened this window, “save as” [web page complete] on your own computer so that you can refer to it whenever you wish.

Now you have this form, and it’s all yours. It’s also interactive, which means, you can actually click the button and make your choice. Then you can change your mind and click something else. You can also print it, share it, and change it as often as you like … UNTIL IT’S TIME TO ACTUALLY REGISTER.

When you’re satisfied that you’ve got your selections right, go back to our website ( and  hit the REGISTER button at the top of the website.

OK … got all that?