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Paula Lillard Preschlack


Writer & Speaker

Where is Mindfulness in Montessori?

Anxiety is an obstacle for children and adults, and we certainly experience it more often these days. Does Montessori have an answer? Paula shows that we have, infused in the Montessori approach, numerous places to tap into our breath and calm our minds for deeper focus during the school day in our classrooms. Within our work, there is mindfulness and rejuvenation. When we illuminate this aspect of Montessori in our teaching presentations and interactions, our children ultimately absorb the benefits along with us. Your Montessori classroom can be a centering, peaceful place!

Paula is a writer and a speaker. She has spent 25 years as a teacher and the head of school at Forest Bluff School. She is currently working on a book about Montessori education. Paula Preschlack has given over 100 talks at Forest Buff School and at other Montessori schools, teacher training courses, and conferences. Her work focuses on the principles and successes of the Montessori approach learned from over 25 years of teaching and observing children from birth to adulthood.

Paula is a graduate of Hampshire College and has a Master’s Degree in Education from Loyola University, Baltimore, MD. She is AMI certified for all Montessori age levels: Assistants to Infancy, Primary, and Elementary, and she audited the NAMTA/AMI Orientation to Adolescent Studies in 2018.  Paula is married to Jim Preschlack and lives in Lake Forest with their son, Stanley (age 19), and daughter, Lillard (age 17).

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