Participate in the comfort of your home or join with your colleagues at a convenient location and qualify for a site license.

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IMC Members:
$249 USD

Non-IMC Members:
$349 USD 

IMC School
Member’s Staff:
$249 USD*

Site Licenses IMC Member Schools:
$2500 USD**

Site Licenses –
Non-IMC Schools:
$3500 USD**

CEU’s: $24 USD ***

Registration Checklist


For Individual Members: 

Have you renewed your International Montessori Council (IMC)?

For the Staff of IMC School Members:

Have you renewed your school’s International Council (IMC) Membership?


As an IMC school, on the Montessori Foundation/IMC website you must create a user account for all staff members. This is necessary for them to receive the member rate when registering for the conference.  

To register at the IMC discount rate, each staff member must have created a user account (See instruction on the Pricing page).  This is the only way the discount will appear.   

For schools that need to register with a purchase order, please contact

Schools can purchase a Site License and attend the conference as a group at one site.  The site license can be used for up to 50 registrants.

If you will have more than 50 participants, please contact for pricing. 

Member Schools $2,500 USD

Non-Member Schools $3,500 USD


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