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Sunday, November 7, 2021

All times are given in Eastern Standard Time (USA)

All times are given in East Coast Time USA

7:30 am – 8:00 am

Back to Center 

Join us for 30 minutes of mind-quieting, energy-boosting activities  and exercises. Share your favorite mind-body practices: creative movement, songs, affirmations, poems, breath work, visualizations – any activity that brings you peace and positivity.

8:00 am – 8:50 am


9:00 am – 9:45 am

Gratitude Time

9:45 am – 10:15 am


Network & Visit Exhibitors

10:15 AM – 11:45 AM

Carrie Allen 

(For EC)

6A | Having Fun with Cultural Artifacts: Discovering Cultural Relevancy

*Live Streamed*

Culture is part of early day life for young children as they grow and thrive. In a Montessori classroom, these cultural aspects include self-care, practical life lessons for skill building, social relationships, and their connection to the classroom community and the great big world. Having fun with cultural artifacts can allow children to discover their connection to other cultures and the ability to share their own culture within the classroom community. By exploring cultures through a culturally relevant lens, guides can provide opportunities for children to discover their connection to the world around them as they help to define what culture means and represents. 

10:15 AM – 11:45 AM

Letty Rising

(For Elementary)

6B | So You Presented the First Great Lesson…Now What? How to Use Experimentation in your Classroom to Teach Science from a Cosmic Perspective

*Live Streamed*

At the beginning of each school year, you present the First Great Lesson. You tell the children in your class about the story of the Universe and planet Earth, and give them a big picture perspective of the world around them. You introduce them to the idea of science, and ignite their reasoning minds with the desire to ask questions and start investigating to find the answers. Then what? How do you keep the momentum going throughout the rest of the school year?

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In this presentation, we will:

  • Discuss how the process of experimentation relates to practical life and supports executive functioning skills as you move from the first plane of development to the second.
  • Give you actionable ideas on how to bring science to life in your classroom from a cosmic perspective.
  • Have some fun with science experiments and demonstrations to give you a tangible experience to take back to your classroom.

10:15 AM – 11:45 AM

Jorge Haro

(For Elementary)

6C | Unboxing the Math Materials

*Live Streamed*

During this workshop, we will discover out-of-the-box applications of our beloved math materials that will help our students understand concepts such as Money (with the Hundred Board), Metric System Conversion (with Golden Mat), Volume Conversion and Phases of the Moon (with Fraction Box), Graphing and the Coordinate Plane (with Peg Board) and many more. Come and refill your math bag of tricks!

10:15 AM – 11:45 AM

Kathleen Dzura 

(For All)

6D | Obstacles to Personal Peace

*Live Streamed*

In this interactive workshop we will take a look at some things that prevent our personal healing from past or current transgressions against us. We’ll look at how our personal wounds can effect us as a teacher in the classroom and how they they affect our relationships in every aspect of our lives.Often we look to those who have hurt us to be accountable for what they did to us. What happens to us if they can’t or won’t ? What happens if they never acknowledge that they hurt us? Can we move past that or is our pain held hostage by it? In my own life, I have had to learn how to move on without hearing the words “I’m sorry for what I did to you”. I will share how I was able to do that and how wonderfully freeing it has been…

10:15 AM – 11:45 AM

Mary Beth Ricks 

(For Leadership)

6E | Finance 101 for School Leaders

Many school leaders become leaders by rising up through the ranks and don’t have strong finance backgrounds. Understanding school finances is a significant part of the role. This workshop will guide you through simple school finances and help you work through your own issues with budgets, planning, staffing, fundraising, and much more. In addition, if you are advancing your school with DEI and ABAR work means having the resources to take on the work and make it valuable. A clear understanding of the financial picture, will help you grow your school and help you create a strategic path forward.

10:15 AM – 11:45 AM

Barbara Murphy


(For EC)

6F | Cultivating Mind-Body Harmony: Physical Literacy in Montessori

In her book The Absorbent Mind, Dr. Montessori wrote: “Movement helps the development of the mind, and this finds renewed expression in further movement and activity. It follows that we are dealing with a cycle, because mind and movement are parts of the same entity.” In essence, mind and body are closely intertwined, and their harmonious interaction constitutes a cornerstone of child development.

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In this presentation, we will explore movement as an essential component in Montessori. We will further delve into how, by mindfully building physical literacy, we can further support mind-body harmony and better prepare the whole child for life.

10:15 AM – 11:45 AM

Stacey MacKinnon  

(For All)

6G | “Shift Happens”: Creating learning and organizational cultures rooted in curiosity and inquiry

“Shift” happens to everyone and learning to be curious and engage with the reality of shift using active learning-focused inquiry is often the key to growth and development. There are no ’10 easy steps’, ‘fast tracks’, or ‘one size fits all’ solutions to dealing with shifts, however there are attitudes and skills which, if practised regularly, can help you and in turn, your learners:

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  • get curious and open up to seeing the world and your place in it in new ways – become more active inquirers focused on figuring out what questions you need to ask.
  • explore new routes and destinations that perhaps you hadn’t considered before.
  • learn to better trust yourself in the face of risky shifts.
  • learn how to anticipate or seek out shifts rather than being in a position of reacting to what life throws at you.
  • mentor and support others when their “shift” happens.

In this workshop, we will put into practice the research behind dealing with shifts using examples from our own experience, those of others, and help you begin the process of examining where you are, where you want to go, and how you can support your students in making their own “shifts” a more positive experience.


10:15 AM – 11:45 AM

Alicia Diaz-David

(For EC)

6H | Dynamic Ways Educators can Support Parents in Implementing Principles of Montessori at Home

We have a unique opportunity to leverage the experiences of children in our schools and help parents create mindful spaces and cultivate Montessori-aligned best practices at home. This workshop provides ideas, strategies and practical tips for educators that want to support parents in implementing the principles of Montessori in their homes. Participants will leave the workshop with original imagery to use in newsletters, parent presentations, and other parent communications in support of implementing Montessori at home.

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