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Montessori Materials for the Elementary Classroom

Clocca Concepts is recognized as a pioneer in the study and application of both natural learning technology and well-being.
Measurement Kit: Spoons & Cups
The Spoons & Cups Measurement Kit explores the concepts of dry and liquid standard measurements by teaspoons, cups, pints, quarts, & gallons. It includes 13 command cards, teaspoons set, cup set, medicinal measuring cup, and measurement jars (pints, quarts, and gallons). Students can explore the concepts of estimation, conversions, and mixtures.
Time Line / Number Line Scrolls
Clocca’s Time Line/Number Line Scroll is a generic timeline which can be used and reused to explore epochs of time and/or numbers. Essentially anything that can be scaled can be used with this product. The tick-marks allow for easy scaling of TIME (years, decades, centuries, and millennia), Numbers (positive & negative numbers, fractions, etc…), and even DISTANCE. How does it Work? Once you roll out the 12.5-foot long scroll, you notice a series of tick marks running down the center of it… There are two sizes of marks – a long one and a short one. These are the key to the multiple uses of the scroll. Used in conjunction with Clocca’s Card Sets, the Time Line Scroll’s divisions become different units based on the topic covered in the Card Set! Made from a 100% cotton blend canvas, this 12.5 ft x 1 ft scroll rolls on two Birchwood dowels for easy set-up, clean-up and storage.
Culture & History
The Artist Card Set is a 3-part card set, covering major periods and movements in art from the 1400’s to modern day. Designed in a “Who Am I” format, students can match either artists with artist descriptions or portraits with portrait descriptions. This can also be laid out on the Time Line.
Clocca's Paleolithic Stone Tool Kit was re-created by an archaeologist, these stone tool kits allow students to explore- hands-on!- how stone tools were utilized by our ancient ancestors. This product includes an informational booklet, nomenclature cards and activity command cards. It comes with a stone knife, scraper, borer, hammerstone, and a piece of chert.

Clocca pictureFounded in 2010, Clocca Concepts was created to fulfill a need in the non-traditional classroom with quality hands-on materials and products- Montessori Style. Our products are a natural fit for Montessori Classrooms, Home Schoolers, and Alternative Educational systems that are learner driven.

“When I gave the first student a lesson on the U.S. Presidents, other students were looking with interest at the new material.”

“This product helps Montessori teachers really encourage exploration in history and motivates independent research.”

Our products are now used in classrooms across the United States of America. What you see here on our site is the result of our hard work. We are not a huge corporation, and we are dedicated to providing teachers with the best materials possible!