The Conscious Bedtime Story Club

Would you like to bond more deeply with your children?

Conscious Stories bring ease and connectedness to your bedtime ritual.
Conscious Stories give you the tools to make your bedtime ritual meditative and sacred.
Closing each day with the connection and togetherness provided by Conscious Bedtime Stories helps children and parents alike to nourish their spirit and also to nourish the family unit. Your childrens’ wisdom, touch, playfulness, spontaneity, and laughter also nourish your soul and give you permission to be yourself.
Settle in with the four simple breaths of the Snuggle Breathing Meditation.
Gather the family at bedtime and set your intention for conscious connection with our Snuggle Breathing Meditation.
Connect joyfully over the core conscious concept in each story.
These 20 minutes are precious. Join a lovable character on a fun journey toward being more conscious and peaceful.
Deepen connection with our reflective activity pages and conversation starters.
Open a conscious dialogue or promote more peaceful sleep with a Gratitude Spiral, Bedtime Body Scan, or Hug Meter.

Are you concerned about your child’s social-emotional learning?

Conscious Stories are here to help your children talk about their feelings.

Each Conscious Bedtime Story includes awkward relational moments that bring up sticky thoughts and offer situations that are common to daily living. Conscious connection, fostered by our stories and closing practices in each book, nourishes souls young and old. Each story offers a core life skill that children are invited to integrate into their daily life experience.