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The Move Towards Revisioning Our Conference Is Complete

Five streams have been created to help you choose the conference workshops that will be of the most value to your individual interests thus making your conference experience more fulfilling. Our overall goal is to help attendees to reconnect with Montessori’s vision so they can help their schools evolve and positively affect the broader communities they serve.

When you look at each workshop description in the schedule you will see a rectangular icon at the bottom of that page color-coded to the different streams as they are defined here. The name of the stream is in each icon. Then the icons that follow are all black and have the level of attendee that the workshop is designed to attract. When the workshop is of general interest to the entire community it will say, Everyone. We think this is just one more easy step in helping you to identify the workshops that would be of the greatest value to each attendee.

When you look at the conference schedule you will first see the stream name indicated by the following: Individual, Classroom, Delegate, Leadership and School. Following that will be a second designation that explains the level of guide or administrator that the workshop best serves.

At The Individual Level our focus will be to renew and inspire teachers and administrators, so they may find the inner peace and balance they need to be energized and proactive agents for change when they return to their respective schools.   We aim to help attendees develop intentional practices that will empower them to sustain and grow as Montessori educators.

At The Classroom Level  our conference is geared to helping teachers to refresh their knowledge, to learn new skills, and to deepen their expertise as teachers – including Montessori lessons, classroom design, classroom management, team teaching, positive relationships with students and communication with parents.

At The Delegate Level our focus will be on educating and training teachers and administrators to be actively engaged in building partnerships with their local legislators and state departments of education.  The goal would be to lobby for a better understanding of Montessori and to ensure that Montessori is not adversely affected by regulations passed for general education programs.

At The Leadership Level our focus will be on empowering Montessorians to gain leadership skills so they can better guide their schools toward success and realize Montessori’s vision.  Attendees will receive high-level and professional instruction and coaching on the central facets of leadership including personal reflection,  understanding personality and work styles, collaboration and communication.

At The School Level The IMC wants to support your school in becoming the best possible Montessori school it can be. In order to accomplish this all the systems of your school – including program, operations and relationships need to be working in harmony. This can be accomplished by having all members of the school community understand the bigger picture and their specific roles. At the school level we aim to provide workshops that foster better operating schools to fulfill Maria Montessori’s vision.

We are certain these new goals provide clarity about how our conferences reflect the IMC’s overall mission.  We welcome feedback and invite participation regarding all of these goals.

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