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2022 Conference Logo

We hosted our 2023 event at the Hilton Tapatio in Phoenix, Arizona, featuring a dynamic lineup and engaging activities. Attendees enjoyed a pre-conference day with line dancing and insightful breakout sessions covering crucial topics like equity and mindfulness in today’s classrooms. The event centered on the theme of Montessori Flourishing, emphasizing well-being in children, schools, and the world. Our Thursday activities provided a chance for attendees to disconnect from their routines and connect with fellow participants. The Sunday session offered personalized action plans for implementation in classrooms or school communities. We utilized social media teasers, email campaigns, and an updated event website to keep attendees informed and engaged, fostering networking opportunities and encouraging social sharing. Overall, the event was a success, thanks to the enthusiastic participation of attendees and effective communication strategies.

Desert Garden Montessori Tour

Thank you for joining us at the 27th MF/IMC Montessori Conference in Phoenix. We had a delightful time learning, sharing insights, and fostering connections within the Montessori community. As a token of our appreciation, we’re excited to share a video showcasing our visit to the Desert Garden Montessori. Your participation made this event a success, and we look forward to seeing you again in 2024.

The Montessori Foundation, in partnership with The International Montessori Council, presents …

  • Dynamic keynote speakers addressing crucial topics
  • Timely, interactive workshops and roundtables
  • Interactive sessions on all curricula and class levels…stress and trauma … social justice … leadership .. music and art … and many more!
  • Sessions will be recorded for ongoing participant access – All broadcast live
  • Certificate of Professional Development for participants
  • CEUs will be offered through Loyola University
  • Exhibitors for all levels and interests both live and online
  • Extended Sunday Sessions to have a chance to come up with an action plan
  • Networking sessions

This is a conference like no other. For more than 25 years, we have created a prepared Montessori learning environment for school leaders, Montessori educators, and parents. Come rediscover the sense of community, connection, and celebration that make our conferences unique. Enjoy this short video from 2018, when the conference was hosted at the Sarasota Hyatt that nicely captures our culture and spirit.

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