Ride Sharing

There are folks arriving at the Tampa airport on Thursday who would like to ride share down to Sarasota. In order to do this, one person needs to make and pay for the reservation with services such as Supershuttle or even Uber. If you are willing to work this out I have the contact info of one of our attendees who’d like to ride share. Email me (Margot) and I will connect you to her via email. margot@montessori.org

Correction/Change in the Program

Due to an oversight we double booked Tracey Hall to do two workshops at once. While she’s quite talented, this proved to be a physical impossibility. So here is what we’ve done, #54. Is the Infant/Toddler material-making workshop. Since #16 on Friday had already been cancelled and there was no other Infant/Toddler workshop going on that session we’ve moved it to that slot.

You may either go on your own to that workshop or email me, margot@montessori.org and let me know you are making the switch in your registration and I’ll update your sheet. Just do that prior to Monday, Oct 30th.

Thank you for your understanding.

Hyatt Hotel is Now Sold Out

Hyatt Regency is now SOLD OUT of our room block for the November 2-5 conference. Please don’t let this discourage you from registering for the conference.
The Aloft Hotel in Sarasota still has rooms and while we don’t have any agreement with them for a discount it is by far the most reasonably priced hotel within walking distance to the Hyatt. It’s about a 10-15 minute walk along the waterfront and very close to restaurants for your Saturday evening meal.

Building the Pink Tower

Come Early!

On Thursday afternoon, while we are setting up, a private screening of Building the Pink Tower will be shown. This is a free event to our attendees. Building the Pink Tower (working title) is a documentary film project that aims to reframe the national education conversation around creating learning environments that support children achieving their full potential. We want to expand this conversation to include the proven, developmental and child-centered practices of Montessori education because ALL children, regardless of background and learning style, deserve the opportunity to flourish in learning and in life.

To learn more about how you can help turn this film into a reality, visit buildingthepinktower.org

Donations to the film may be tax deductible. Please check with your tax advisor for details).

Hurricanes Update

The Montessori Foundation and The International Montessori Council have been personally reaching out to our schools in the states and neighboring Islands that have recently been terribly impacted by the hurricanes. Of course, we’ve not yet heard from so many because power and internet will not be available to them for a long, long time.
Schools from around the world have reached out to just make certain we here, in Sarasota, were OK. Thankfully, we are fine. Very little damage and our power quickly coming back.
Our thoughts and wishes for recovery go out to everyone of our friends and hope that the rebuilding and recovery goes swiftly.
Our friends in Houston expected to go back to school this past Monday and the Foundation’s Lab School, NewGate’s was able to reopen both campuses this morning, helping the children get back into their routines.
Our keynote speaker and dear friend, Julia Volkman of Maitri Learning sent me this email this morning.
“If any schools were damaged, Maitri will replace their lost materials for free. Just let us know what people need.”
That’s what a community does for each other. That’s what make Montessorians such wonderful global citizens.
Please, if you have any updates on schools that were impacted, let us know.
We really do care.

The Legend of John Ringling …


Yes, John Ringling … of circus fame!

There’s an old legend circulating around Sarasota that John Ringling had a Native American guide show him around the Sarasota area to assure him that the area was on a protected cove safe from the weather that can sometimes plague our sunshine state. Seems he knew of what he spoke. Our beautiful Sarasota was minimally impacted by the devastating blow Hurricane Irma just delivered.

Our host hotel, the Hyatt on Sarasota Bay was also spared and our little SRQ airport opened up for business ahead of others in the region!

 So please don’t be afraid to register and attend the conference. We are golden and looking forward for all our schools in the area and abroad to be together to celebrate even more than usual.