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Pricing & CEUs

Participate in the comfort of your home or join with your colleagues at a convenient location and qualify for a site license.

Pricing & CEU’s

IMC Members:
$249 USD

Non-IMC Members:
$349 USD 

IMC School
Member’s Staff:
$249 USD*

Site Licenses IMC Member Schools:
$2500 USD**

Site Licenses –
Non-IMC Schools:
$3500 USD**

CEU’s: $24 USD ***

IMC School Members *

As an IMC school, you can register any staff members who are signed-up under your school’s account on the Montessori Foundation/IMC website.

Step 1.  Send an email to us at [email protected] to get the special link to have your school staff create user accounts under your school.

Step 2.  Each staff member must use a unique email address. 

Step 3.  We will be updating our membership database very regularly. It can take up to a business day. If they do not see their discounted amount, try back later.

School Site License **

Schools can purchase a site license and attend the conference as a school community, with staff participating on campus as a community (which we recommend if possible and safe) or from home. A School Site License can be used to register up to 50 participants.***  

Reminder:  All participants must individually register for the conference with a unique email address.*If you will have more than 50 participants, please contact [email protected] for pricing.

Q & A

If we choose to request a Site License for our school, how will we register our staff?

Answer: Each member of your staff needs to register for the conference (up to 50), choosing the “Group Participation Site License Rate” option on the registration form, and then click “Invoice Me” at the end of the form. No payment is required at that point. Each participant will receive instructions on how to log in individually (in case they are not viewing the event at your school) and will receive a certificate of professional development after attending the conference. Please contact us to arrange for an invoice to be sent for the Site License.

What is the price of the Site License if we can not have our staff attend all 3 days?

Answer: The registration is a flat fee and would not change. We are recording each session (audio and video) and they will be shared with each participant once the recordings have been edited and uploaded to a secure site. Your staff will be able to review the recording of every session from the entire conference.

How would we best organize our school facility for our staff attending onsite?

Answer: We encourage schools to participate in the conference as a professional community if it is safe and practical. There will be 4 breakout options in each session. We recommend you have 4 rooms (large enough to accommodate your audience under your State’s social distancing guidelines).  Allocate one room for each workshop with one projector and screen for all to see. You will also want to use an external set of speakers to ensure that everyone can hear clearly. Because our sessions will be as interactive as possible, designate one person to type your group’s questions to the presenter into the chat. Remember, a Site License is good for up to 50 registrants from the same school, whether or not they attend the event on campus 0r from home.

How will this work for any of our staff members who will be attending from home?

Those who will be participating from home or a different location will use their unique individual log in link for each session. 

What if we have more than 50 people who want to attend at our location?

Answer: contact [email protected].

Continuing Education Units (CEU’s)***

Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are available through Lander University for an additional fee of $24 USD. This year’s full conference represents 17.5 hours of professional development = 1.75 CEUs. You will have the option to add them when registering for the conference.  Download the Lander University document and follow the instructions for completion. CLICK HERE

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