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Thrillin’ Thursday

Thursday it’s the time to build memories, to reconnect with old friends and create new ones with a day full of activities that will hopefully help everyone decompress and get ready for 3 days of deep learning and reflection.

Why not take advantage of the beautiful Sonoran Desert and learn about the flora and fauna with a hike? Or taking part of a golf outing? If you want to learn more about Montessori Schools in Phoenix, join our school tour at Desert Garden Montessori School. Finally, tap on your creative side and spend a fulfilling day exploring the joy of creative self-expression.

If you are arriving late on Thursday don’t worry, you can still catch up and network on our Soirée at Aunt’Chiladas, a Phoenix icon!

Golf Outing

Tee Party! Join us for a round of amicable golf in a beautiful outing at the renowned Lookout Mountain Golf Club, This championship 18-hole Troon course combines spectacular scenery with challenging play. If you don’t have clubs, Lookout Mountain also offers premium Callaway club rentals. All levels are welcome and encouraged to attend.


Hiking Experience

Hundreds of hiking trails can be found in Arizona, with trips ranging from short, easy loops in the heart of the city, to multiple-day treks in remote wilderness areas. Take advantage of our group hike and spend some time in nature. Join in the fresh air and high desert scenery of the moderate hiking trails accessible from the resort. Walk with an expert hiker and learn about the local flora and fauna of the region.

Desert Garden Montessori School Tour & Lunch

Join us to discover Desert Garden Montessori School, a fully-accredited Montessori school serving infant through high school-aged children (ages 6-weeks to 18-years). They are also the only private school in the state of Arizona to offer an International Baccalaureate® Middle Years Programme (MYP). Learn about the school, best practices and enjoy a full organic lunch with ingredients coming from their organic garden and kitchen.

To See a World in a Grain of Sand . . .

Tapping the Well of Your Creative Self

In his poem “Auguries of Innocence” William Blake writes,

To see a world in a grain of sand. 

And a heaven in a wild flower.

Hold infinity on the palm of your hand,

And eternity in an hour.

The deep sense of connection and joy that come from creative self-expression is precious. When creativity is experienced with a group of like-minded friends and colleagues, the feeling of fulfillment can be even deeper. Andrew Kutt and Jonathan Wolff invite you to join them for a morning of song, storytelling, pantomime, outdoor art, poetry and wild wordplay, some wacky group games, and naturally, a good bit of good-natured Montessori-oriented humor! We invite you to leave your adult-self in your hotel room. Just show up with that original child that still lives somewhere inside of all of us!


Fun evening at Aunt Chilada’s

Make your way to the best Margaritas in town! Join us for a soirée at the original Aunt Chilada’s. Not only is Aunt Chilada’s a piece of Arizona history, but the food is genuinely authentic and everything is produced from fresh ingredients daily. Join us for a night of fun, good food, and hopefully some Line Dancing!